That’s me sitting with Ronald McDonald, recognize the yellow hand (Lol)

For as long as I can remember I have always been overweight, except in my culture (being Puerto Rican) it was considered being pleasantly plump or healthy looking. To be completely honest, I didn’t like being referred to as either. After the birth of my son, I went from weighing 168 to 186 and stood there for several years. It wasn’t till I had quit smoking and gained 50 pounds that I decided to make some changes.

My initial goal was to lose 67 lbs. I wanted to go back to my original weight of 168.

1) I had to figure out how much I was eating so I wrote everything down in my notebook. I ate so much and so badly that even I was astonished. Holy s#!@!

2) I started eliminating fried, fatty food and started measuring everything that I ate. I measured everything by the serving  size listed on the food product. For instance Kellogg Rice Krispies is 1 1/3 cup serving not a bowl full. I lost 17 pounds the first month (January)

3). On Valentine’s Day, I bought myself a treadmill and began walking for an hour everyday. I would workout in the morning.

4). In April I joined a gym over at 104th and Broadway and would go to a step class in the evening. By then I was completely hooked on exercising, endorphins and all. Full disclosure: I worked out twice a day

5). By May I was weighing my goal weight of 168 but kept on going. I never reached a plateau because on some days I would workout for 3 hours.

6). By September I was weighing 138 pounds which didn’t look good on me. I have a big head but it looked ginormous on my skinny little body.

I went a little bit overboard but then I started studying everything I could about dieting, weight loss and exercise. I’m 5’7 with a large frame and I wasn’t happy weighing 138 (big head and all) so I increased my eating, my weight training, cut down on the cardio and went up to a respectable 160. I looked and felt great; my confidence shot up; my self esteem went through the roof.

Fitness changed my life and it will change yours. I love what I do. I love helping people, especially those that have tried and failed, find their true selves.

My education is extensive:

1). Pre and post natal.

2). Kettlebell Instructor

3). Functional Movement Screening with Dr. Gray Cook.

4). Courses on posture, Resist-a-ball, Training Senior Citizens, Youth Training

5). Life Coaching

6). ISCA Kickboxing even dabbled with MMA

7). Post Rehab

8). Reactive Neuromuscular training

9). TRX

That was only some of the things I have studied. Today, I continue to study and learn new things for you, for my clien