Finally fit into your clothes with inches to spare


We will help you get closer to that personal goal that is stuck on your refrigerator, on your notepad, or on your bathroom mirror. It is that goal that keeps you motivated to feel the pain and the gain. Perhaps you want to use one of our personal trainers or our outdoor fitness sessions to get in shape for an upcoming wedding, a hot date, or health reasons. No matter what the reason, you’re going to be needing some new clothes that accentuate the changes in your body.

A slimmer body needs clothes that fit well. Babz Fitness advises that fitness trainees seek to buy a slightly larger size than they need while they are actively losing weight. This serves as motivation throughout your fitness regimen so that you can see the physical change in clothes that are not too tight. However, you can also add a tight-fitting swimsuit or special dress to your wardrobe if it inspires you to lose more weight.

Don’t forget to try everything on since retailers have been proven to label wrong sizes to mislead buyers. Go by fit and not by size. Also, as much as those old clothes in your closet may have sentimental value, they may be keeping you from focusing on the future.  In fact, some people have a fear of gaining the weight back, so they hold onto their old clothes. Instead, try to buy things with a bit of stretch like elastic waist pants or A-line skirts can show the real you underneath. Things won’t look as baggy and the styles are usually neutral enough to complement any outfit.

That new outfit can represent the new you when you work out with us.  For any season and every body type, Babz Fitness will deliver sensational results. Schedule a free fitness consultation today at Babz Fitness!



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