I hate running…..

After teaching my 6:30pm boot camp class in Central Park West and 81st Street, I decided to run home. For the first 5 minutes or so I so badly wanted to quit. My movements were choppy and I felt like I was striking the floor too hard but then something happened. My gait became smooth and swift and I started feeling “bliss”. Pure and simple bliss. It was great. When I reached my destination, 35 minutes later, I couldn’t believe it was over so I just kept on running for another 20 minutes or so.

For those of you who know me, know my philosophy “exercise cures everything.”  If you feel sick, exercise; anger, heartache, etc… exercise. In my opinion, a good exercise session is better than mediocre sex anytime. Even though I love and believe in exercise there are times where I can talk myself out of it. When you feel the same, do what I do, and ignore that little negative voice.

So the next time you are going for a run, weight training, elliptical or whatever put your headphones on and take the first step.

Any comments or if you just want to share your experience, feel free.


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