We provide in-home personal training but for those who prefer a gym/studio we can definitely accommodate you. We will train you in one of the several independent gyms that we are affiliated with. Of course, if there is a gym in your building…. AREAS SERVED ARE 10027, 10025, 10024,  10023, 10016, 10013, 10012, 10007.

Personal Training Facilities

  1. Works Gym- 633 Broadway, 2nd Floor, 10010- This gym has a full size boxing ring and a really nice vibe
  2. Vision Wellness Personal Training Studio- A small intimate studio where you leave the big gyms behind
  3. Tribeca Health & Fitness Gym- 103 Chambers Street- Clean, not too crowded & is a two floor gym fully equipped.


Personal Training is by far the most effective way to help with your fitness goals. Having a personal training coach by your side is extremely effective (there is actual research to back this up) for we hold you accountable, we educate you, and most importantly, we are with you from beginning to end. You will never be without that support.

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You will almost get the same results as personal training but for a smaller investment. In order to be able to still give individual attention, class size is limited to 5 participants in any given group.

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I’m sure you have all heard the words “boot camp class” and know what it entails but just in case… the classes are made to work you hard, involves a lot of jumping (plyometrics) and sweating. If you have injuries or limitations, the small group training class may be more for you.

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 And of course, how effective are fitness goals without proper Nutrition

  1. Personal Trainer Foods – One month supply of food delivered right to your door for those who cannot be bothered with counting calories, keeping a journal and/or are extremely busy with life.
  2. Supermarket Tours- teaching  you how to read labels, etc….
  3. I hate the words “diet plans” therefore we help you learn new eating habits.

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