A small group training class that I taught in Pelham Bay. Small group training classes are the next best thing to Personal Training. A small group class is more affordable then a private session and you get the support of myself and your fellow participants.





What is Small Group training? Sgt, I believe, is the next best thing to personal training. It’s small enough, no more then 5 participants, which still allows me to pay attention to you individually. A small group class is great – you get the support of your fellow class participants, you make new friends and its actually fun.

Is small group training as effective as private personal training? I believe that nothing beats one on one, but not everyone can afford personal training sessions or may want personal training.  Whatever the reason, if you cannot or do not want one on one personal training and you still want good, solid results then a small group class is extremely effective.

Is sgt right for me? If you like to exercise in a group and feel the camaraderie of like minded individuals, and of course, save money while you get a good quality exercise program tailored to you, then “yes” this is the class for you.

What’s the difference with SGT and a regular exercise class in the gym? For the most part a “regular class” is included the gym membership, however, it doesn’t mean that the class may right for you. For instance, if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis you really shouldn’t be doing any trunk flexion, a/k/a crunches. That’s only a small sample, but you get what I mean. In most regular classes the exercises for the week are at the whim of the instructor, therefore there is truly no progression. If you have a specific goal then a regular class may not be right for you.

Small Group Training classes are tailored to you. Before anyone starts a Small Group class they will be given a thorough assessment. We will identify any problems that you may have and discuss your goals indepth.


As always if you have any questions you can contact me at brenda@babz-fitness.com