“I have worked with Brenda Collado over a number of years. She combines both her knowledge of the body and muscle structure with nutrition and a holistic healthy living regimen.  She is encouraging and blends a firmness with humor to get you to move beyond what you feel is possible. She goes out of her way to take a personal interest in her clients’ ongoing well being and goes above and beyond to support our wellness plan. Brenda’s workouts are creative and varied so it is impossible to get bored with the routine. She pays attention to each person’s needs and limitation but helps you to see what more you are capable of. Without Brenda, I don’t’ know where I would be. “
J smith, NYC

Top qualities:  Great Results,  Expert,  Creative

“Brenda has allowed me to successfully lose weight and change my body for the better through her innovative workouts that she specifically tailors to my needs.  I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone motivated to improving their health and/or appearance.” December 2, 2011–Silvana Falco


I trained with Brenda for just over a year. Brenda is an excellent trainer both in her technique and her ability to motivate. Brenda managed to bring my strength and fitness level to a new high after I was previously not able to follow a fitness routine for quite some time – Brenda managed to do this and to also encourage me “to have fun with fitness”.– Ellen G.
“I have been working with Brenda for several years and all I can say is what a pleasure it is to have her as my trainer.  I’m a diabetic and when I exercise with Brenda utilizing the kettlebells I have to lower my medication. Twice a week I lower my insulin medication and that in itself speaks volumes. Thank you, Brenda, for being there for me!“ —Mary S.
I have been working out with Brenda for 10 amazing years. She brings so much to her role as trainer. Yes, she knows all of the moves to keep me fit, but she also has a vast knowledge about the human body and how to prevent injury. With her as my trainer, I focus on staying fit AND healthy. She also likes to switch up the routines so it doesn’t get monotonous and stays up to speed on the latest health and fitness trends. Brenda is amazing– Maria L
Brenda helped me get the perfect arms and back in time for my wedding day! I was amazed by what she could accomplish with me in just two months. She was both a trainer and motivator. her encouragement helped me push myself hard on weights I never thought I could lift. She always kept me focused on the goal: looking good in that strapless gown. She accommodated my schedule, making herself available to train with me before dawn, and during pretty bad weather. She even took the time to send me an exercise routine via email (and go over it with me by phone) for the dates when she was out of town. Brenda not only helped me meet my wedding day goals, but she also taught me to work out smarter on my own. — Oshrat