You Are What You Eat: Take a Nutritional Supermarket Tour with Babz Fitness Personal Trainers


“You are what you eat” is a common saying known all too well in a country that struggles with such startling obesity statistics. And yet, far beyond being another platitude, these five words can truly be a guiding philosophy on life. Food carries with it intoxicating flavors and glorious cultural value, but ultimately the meals you eat are vital fuel for your daily functions.

Just as you would use only the most premium gasoline for a luxury vehicle, you will only attain your goal body and optimal performance by choosing the most wholesome and healthy foods. Babz Fitness, a personal training business that operates on the belief that proper nutrition is the most essential component to weight loss and healthy living, teaches individuals the exact contents of the food they consume. More often than not people eat poorly not out of negligence, but from ignorance of the ingredients that make up their favorite dishes. This revelation inspired Brenda Collado of Babz Fitness to begin hosting local Supermarket Tours for her personal training clients.

During each Babz Fitness Supermarket Tour Brenda Collado takes clients into their neighborhood supermarket, teaching them the value of reading labels and judging the exact fat, sodium, and sugar content of what they are eating.

Those in attendance of the tour become empowered to make sound dietary choices, learn the proper carbs to eat, and discover price-effective ways of enjoying healthy foods. This nutritional education impacts not only clients, but the health of family members as well.

Never sabotage a diet or exercise routine again by fueling up with unhealthy, unnatural, and over-processed foods. Contact Babz Fitness to schedule a local Supermarket Tour with Brenda Collado, a professional nutritionist and personal trainer in New York City.

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